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Central Health Brackenridge Campus Master Plan, Austin, TX
Central Health, Travis County’s Hospital District commissioned Gensler and McCann Adams Studio to prepare a Master Plan for the redevelopment of its 14-acre downtown campus, which has been the site of Austin’s public hospital for over 100 years. The Plan, informed by significant public outreach and stakeholder input, lays out a broad vision for the future of the campus, providing specific policies and actions that will guide the near and long-term reuse and redevelopment of the property, which will begin when the hospital operations are transferred to the University of Texas campus in 2017. The Plan calls for the superblock to be reconfigured into six new blocks within the downtown grid, and for the site to include a mixture of commercial, residential, and health-related uses, all organized around new public spaces and a central public market focusing on community health and well-being. The Plan was adopted by Central Health’s Board of Managers and is providing the basis for the selection of a Master Developer to orchestrate its implementation.

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