Creative, sustainable urban planning and design is our calling; creating vibrant places for people to live, work, and play is our mission; knowing how to get it done is our business.

Because urban design is the core service of our firm, McCann Adams Studio is uniquely qualified to tackle the many challenges that communities, property owners and developers face in realizing their vision. Reintegrating outmoded or unused land back into the life of the city requires vision, rigor and a sustained commitment. The successful solution solves multiple problems and achieves multiple objectives. It must respond to economic, environmental, social and political considerations, leverage the client’s investment and create places that enhance quality of life. We synthesize all these challenges and goals to create places that represent more than the sum of their individual parts.

We work at all stages of a project, from big picture planning to implementation and execution. Our approach is collaborative: we listen, research and analyze issues, conditions and facts, and allow that wealth of information to inform a plan unique to the circumstances of the place and the values of the client and community. We are proud of our ability to build consensus for even the most challenging projects through this process. We also assist clients with entitlements and manage multidisciplinary teams to steward projects to success. Our solutions are sustainable in the truest sense—environmentally, socially and economically—and are imbued with the ability to evolve and adapt gracefully over time to meet changing needs.


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